Activity Groups

Monthy Activities
We plan at least 2-3 activities each week, such as park day, craft activities, field trips, and stroller walks. Because of our members' busy schedules, we believe it is important to plan an active calendar to ensure that everyone will be able to participate at least a few times a month.

Activity Groups
The MOMS club sponsors a variety of activity groups for its members. When members want to share a common interest on a regular basis, they form an activity group. Each activity group is headed by a chairperson and is open to all members. These groups may change as interests change, but include activities such as:

Craft Day:
Craft day is held once a month at a local community church. Crafts are simple and geared for the pre-school aged set. All age groups are welcome to attend.

Hospitality Committee:
All members participate in the hospitality committee which prepares meals and provides other assistance for MOMS Club members in need. We help out those moms who have recently had a baby, been ill, or simply need assistance. It is a terrific support for those moms in need.

Playgroups are activities for both moms and children and are a great way for moms and children to get to know each other better. We currently have one all-ages playgroup. Our playgroup meets weekly.

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