The Gaithersburg Chapter

The Gaithersburg chapter of the MOMS Club was founded in 1993. We encourage all of our members to be active
and participate in events or activities and to host activities as well. You are invited to attend two functions (such as a business meeting and park day) before you decide to become a member.
Our chapter offers many opportunities for moms to meet other moms and make long-lasting friendships.
Come visit our next meeting! Our group is very open to new members.

Our chapter holds its business meetings the
3rd Friday of the month at 10 am. Our programs may
include a guest speaker, topics for group discussion, or a special activity.

Our dues are $20.00 per year, to help pay for our room rentals, supplies, and other programs. We’re an IRS registered non-profit group, so
any money collected will be used exclusively for our programs &
We understand that being a mother at-home often means a tight family budget; so if the dues will be a hardship for your family, please talk to the group’s President or Treasurer.

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